Mary Myers

Airline Shoes

As a SKYPRO perfect airline shoe, the Mary Mayers model favors a flattering silhouette and a chic round toe. Incredibly comfortable, this is a pair of cabin crew shoes that is proving to be completely irresistible to all aviation professionals. Mary Mayers court shoes are essential to your work day due to their beauty and quality. These airline shoes also have SKYPRO innovating characteristics: anti-skid, anti-static, ambicork, alarm-free. Pure comfort in high heels.  A must!

Who was Mary Myers?

Mary Myers an American Woman married with a Balloonist.  In the 4th of July on 1880 Mary Myers flew in a hot air balloon, becoming the first American woman to solo in a balloon. The Myers Family had a big balloon farm in New York State. That was where one of the most successful private experiments in early aeronautics ever launched.




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